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A message from the Executive Director

Welcome to The Village of Watkins Glen Housing Authority website!

We are located in the historic downtown village of Watkins Glen, New York, nestled on the very southern end of Seneca Lake, which is the largest of the Finger Lakes. With close to 1,600 permanent residents and thousands of visitors per year Watkins Glen has become a favorite place to live and visit. Home to gorgeous parks, a newly renovated downtown area hosting local shops and restaurants, fantastic lodging, and much more, Watkins Glen, NY truly is "The Heart of the Finger Lakes."

Watkins Glen is also home to NASCAR. Watkins Glen International, nicknamed, “The Glen”, is a race track located just south of Watkins Glen in the town of Dix. The course was opened in 1956 to host auto races previously held on public roads in and around the village. The Village of Watkins Glen commemorates these road races each year in September with the annual Grand Prix Festival where the roads are closed and cars race on the original track!

The Watkins Glen Housing Authority was established in 1979. We manage Jefferson Village Apartments constructed in 1981, located waterfront side, just blocks from Franklin Street where there are numerous shops and restaurants. Here at Jefferson Village, we provide safe, decent independent living for elderly families and persons with disabilities on fixed incomes. Jefferson Village is a Section 8 housing apartment complex offering 48 units in a 2-story building.

The WGHA realizes that the units of Jefferson Village are in need of rehabilitation and are in the process of making that happen. In 2021 new shower/tubs were installed in each apartment. New flooring and cabinetry were installed in all turnover units. The Community Room was completely remodeled with new furniture, windows and flooring! Landscaping was given attention along with adding privacy fences. In 2022 the security systems were updated adding surveillance cameras. Additional automatic doors were also installed. We migrated to a new leasing software offering additional payment options as well as online application and work order submission. In 2023 the parking lot and sidewalks were redone ensuring the safety of our residents. Renovation will continue until all necessary repairs/upgrades have been completed.

Our staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of our families while assisting the entire community of Watkins Glen with implementing the long-term goals for affordable housing. This is why we partnered with Ithaca Neighborhood Housing (INHS) and in 2021 assisted with the opening of Glen Lake Apartments located directly across from Jefferson Village Apartments. Glen Lake Apartments is a multi-family LIHTC facility. Information on this housing project along with other local facilities is listed on this website under Resources tab.

I consider it a privilege to be the Director of this agency and take my responsibilities very seriously. First and foremost, of these is ensuring the safety and security of our residents. This is why the WGHA upholds strict lease enforcement standards. We expect our residents to respect not only their neighbors, but the property as well. After all, receiving housing subsidy in this beautiful town is a privilege and should be treated as such. Our residents take pride in their community and do their part in maintaining Jefferson Village’s property so that we contribute to the scenic beautiful neighborhood. If you are interested in joining the Jefferson Village community, there is link on the Jefferson Village tab for you to apply.

Thanks again for visiting our web site. Please use it often and if you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us.

Jennifer Tanner, Executive Director

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Watkins Glen Housing Authority shall consist of 5 members. The members shall be appointed by the mayor of the village of Watkins Glen to staggered five (5) year terms in accordance with Section 30 of the Public Housing Law. The Officers of the Watkins Glen Housing Authority Board shall be the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Treasurer-Secretary. The Jefferson Village Apartments Property Manager shall be the Executive Director of the Authority. The Officers of the Housing Authority shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Authority by a majority vote of the voting members present. The elected Officers will be elected for a one-year term. Officers shall serve until their successors are elected.

The Board of Directors shall have general power to control and manage the business of The Watkins Glen Housing Authority consistent with HUD, New York State Public Housing Laws and any applicable local laws, the Authority's personnel policy and these By-Laws.

The Board of Directors hires the Executive Director who is responsible for managing the Housing Authority’s day-to-day operations. The Executive Director also serves as the property manager of the Jefferson Village Apartments.

WGHA Bylaws

Nan Woodworth Chairperson
Rob Rossiter Vice-Chairperson
Barb Cook Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Patti Schimizzi Secretary
Tom Hoy Treasurer

Meetings & Minutes

Regular meetings of the Housing Authority shall be held at least once a month, (3rd Thursday at 2PM), at the Glen Lake Apartments, LLC Conference Room located at 209 East 2nd Street in Watkins Glen. The Annual Meeting of the members of the Watkins Glen Housing Authority shall be held on the 3rd Thursday of April at 2:00 PM, held also at the Glen Lake Apartments Conference Room.

All meetings of the Board of Directors are open to the public. If you wish to speak at the meeting please note that speaking time may be limited to (2) minutes per person depending on time variables.

Next scheduled meeting: Thursday August 15, 2024 at 2:00pm

Our Team

The Watkins Glen Housing Authority staff consists of the Executive Director and employees who implement the Authority’s programs and maintenance projects.

Watkins Glen Housing Authority’s mission is to provide a productive workplace for its employees. WGHA seeks personnel committed to providing a superior service, following Jefferson Village’s mission statement, rules, respecting the rights of fellow employees, and creating a workplace free of harassment, discrimination, or other wrongdoing.

Jennifer Tanner Executive Director | Property Manager
Gary Stratton Lead Maintenance Technician
Henry Buchanan Jr. Assistant Maintenance Technician
WGHA board and staff

Career Opportunities

Thank you for considering a career with Watkins Glen Housing Authority. Watkins Glen Housing Authority is an equal opportunity employer. This application will not be used for limiting or excluding any applicant from consideration for employment on a basis prohibited by local, state, or federal law. Please take a minute to fill out the application and email your resume as well as a cover letter.

Applications can be submitted by email, mailed to the office or dropped off at the office during normal business hours.

Open Positions

We currently do not have any open positions.